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Ask or tell.   Veganism.

Sometimes I am good at gifts :D

Sometimes I am good at gifts :D

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Silly random childhood flashbacks.

When i was young.. about 5-6 years old. I claimed two textas in school. 
Purple and aqua. I wouldn’t let anyone else use them and every single drawing that i did was done with these textas (markers) It was nearing the end of the year when they ran out :( I did have an obsession with my Little Mermaid SEGA game so that could have had an influence on my careful colour selection.
I remember my classmates telling me how talented i was, and feeling very pleased with myself hahaha. I used to draw cats on everything too. And houses with smoke coming out of the chimney. I would also build lego houses and leave them around the house as if they were works of art haha.
Purple is still my fave colour ^_^ aqua isn’t far behind. 
I was such a weird kid haha. ……was? 

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